This week in my world…

A friend shared a really potent piece on ally work around disabled & neurodiverse communities on her Facebook wall. It reminded me of how much more I used to think about my privileges and the parts I play in oppressing other folk especially around sanism and ableism when I was working in mental health in Toronto – and also how I have not been (and should be) doing that work still.

I spend entirely too much time on Etsy and recently came across this shop, She Rockz It, that is changing my world. For those of you who don’t know me, I have an obsession with earrings. I’m a teacher’s assistant for a Microeconomics course and my students now know that examples of utility curves, demand curves etc for addictive goods will not be coffee or cigarettes – they’ll be earrings. So go across and check Etsy and She Rockz It out – support small businesses :).


Despite all the issues with romantic comedies and movies about relationships, I still really enjoy them. Among my favourite, are Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Most of my friends have watched them (because I’ve forced them to) and loved them (because they were afraid to tell me otherwise?) and I think all you Fyah Stirrers should watch them too. Can you imagine how excited I was when the friend I most recently forced to watch them told me that there’s a 3rd movie coming out?!!?!?!?!?! Anytime that I think life is overrated, I just remember that Before Midnight has already been filmed and that makes it a little easier to get out of bed. (That is actually how I got through this week Fyah Stirrers!)

Happy Friday!


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