Break up songs…

1. Maxwell – Playing Possum

One of my favourite songs off of possibly the most beautiful breakup album ever. The album that made me want to get into a relationship & fall in love just so I could have a painful breakup and cry along with all the songs on this album.

2. Tanya Stephens – Spilt Milk

“If you never spill then you woulda turn sour anyway.” Nuff said.

3. Chrisette Michele – Blame It On Me

I have recently had a series of conversations about my obsession with being right within (budding) relationships. I’m working on that. I do not think that work will extend to relationships that are ending. I’m ok with needing to be right during and after the breakup process so Chrisette could stay there with that “I’ll take the blame” ish.  Nice song nonetheless.

4. Kimba Sorzano – Over You

I enjoy this song so much. I do love me some R&Besque soca. Kimba look like he might wan some food but he kinda sexy so I’ll give him a bly for the random woman winin in the back and say it’s a nice video.

What are your favourite break up songs?

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