Fyah Friday

1. I came across xojane through Jezebel and I find it quite entertaining.  Featuring articles with titles like; Science says: Men Like Big Breasts Because Women Like Feeling Maternal and Here’s how to serve Drake eyebrows to the Kids, this is hours and hours of fun.

2. Hey Fran Hey is an interesting resource for natural heath and fitness. This site isn’t new to me but I have hesitated posting it here because sometimes the photos seem a little vain. *Sorry Fran if you see this pingback* I really do enjoy the tips she shares for things like products, exercises, teeth whitening, dry scalp and such. Check it out!

3. This is pretty fyahful. Remember the kickstarter project that we asked you to support a few weeks back? Well they surpassed their goals and the Grenada Goat Dairy Farm is now on to another fantastic campaign. This time they are working on a partnership with a local school to ensure long term sustainability. Support and share! This is a great idea, big up to Malaika and the crew at the farm. I hope to reach for some chevre real soon 🙂

4. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This is a bonus link because I don’t think that the actual film is available on the website online outside of the US. (I am sure you can access it on alternative movie-getting sites though 🙂  It is about an Australian guy who went on a juice fast for 60 days and lost a major amount of weight and improved his overall heath considerably. I was intrigued because I always wondered what was so special about juicing when you could just eat the fruits and vegetables whole. I am not going to promise that I will go on a fast but I am definitely looking into a juicer and will try to incorporate juicing into my diet a few times a week.




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