I swear, I didn’t mean for it to happen this way. Another late day. So here’s some music for your Thursday.

So Sunday I did a little cooking and for some reason I was feeling like listening to  some sexin’ tunes or as I like to call them ls- leg spreading music. I actually have a folder saved in “my music” as ls. So let’s take a peak. Try not to laugh at the selection, we all have our own motivations. A time, a place, a person, a moment…

This song makes me want to slow wine, maybe swing from a pole… something I may or may not have done before. 🙂

When people singing ls tunes are significantly younger than you, you’re getting old. I’m not feeling Miguel in any particular way, but quickies sure do serve a purpose.*

I don’t know anyone else who likes this song. I think it’s hilarious. Everyone tells me it’s not a love song. He’s only singing about his prowess. My response? Why the f$#% not? 🙂

N.B. I endorse none of these videos. I doubt I’ve watched all the way through any of them. I only chose videos in the event you also needed some visual stimulation.

What are some of your favourite ls tunes?

*you swear say my ls life real active






Comments on: "makes the ppl cum together… :)" (1)

  1. Bend over by machel montano and the good ole I’ll make love to you by Boyz 2 men I think.

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