rain- sweet & sinister

“rain on a galvanized iron roof is the sweetest sound on earth. And when you lie with someone undedr the sheets in a safe bed while rain pelts down on the roof above there is no other experience on earth like that.”

Barred, Ramabai Espinet in Green Cane Juicy Flotasm Caribbean Women Writers

I firmly believed in this quote up until maybe 5 years ago. I was in St. Kitts for a tropical storm. The rain was soooooo sweet. Until you realise electricity may be gone for days on end. I’d been in tropical storms and hurricanes before but your responsibility and perspective change a lot when you’re an adult. I became more worried about there being enough kerosene for the lamps, more concerned about the road and whether it would be safe enough for us to drive on in the morning.

A Grenadian in my class said when he was younger he always wanted a hurricane to come to Grenada. I remember that excitement too my first hurricane, so much unknown, what would it look like to see roofs flying etc. He said following Ivan he never made that wish ever again. Youth/ childhood doesn’t always allow you the perspective to see that flying roofs have to be cleared, people’s home are flooded and property is loss. It doesn’t allow you breadth of experience realise how much trauma stays with people.

Have you ever had a leaking roof? Let me tell you, nothing vexes me more than heavy rain which used to delight me when I know there are leaks. I have boxes to move, buckets to set up and mopping to see to. I’d never had to deal with this much before but now… I tell you that rain isn’t so sweet. It brings worry and wanton as I think of all the work that’s to follow.

Maybe a person in the bed part is the answer. 😉

Thoughts with the people of the Leeward Islands who Rafael sat on over the weekend.



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