fyah links- body edition

Before I identify the fyah throughout the blogosphere I want to recommend that you never stop reading. As I engulf myself further into the world of fiction I’m continuously reminded of how similar our stories are regardless of the part of the world we live in, the types of families we have… They are not the same, but the themes are often so similar. Read a book and remind yourself that the world is far more vast that you will ever be, and that you are forever connected to it all…

Bodies… We’ve talked about them again and again here. And chances are we’ll never stop. Over at Code Red they highlighted this piece by Tracee Ellis Ross on breasts. This article probably spoke to me primarily because I too have “tear drop shaped” breasts. I have faced a world of comments from people who think I should wear “better” bras and get those babies “up there”. I cannot imagine the feelings associated with being given the bra of another woman to wear in an audition… we can’t dictate why and how we love our bodies but maybe we should be less focused on policing others’. Can we though call out Ms Ross on “… and French women are sexy,” bit.

And on to more bodies. Over at Black Girl Dangerous she gets into the destructiveness of photoshop as it’s policing bodies of the past. Touched up nude images of Frida Khalo are floating about the place making us re-imagine her a little more smoothly. This for me also speaks to our general privileging of ability… If Frida continues to be on your mind and you’re in Toronto, be sure to check out her exhibition at the AGO.
And bringing it hard and strong, crunkfeminist’s collective presents a creative poem of a-stigma-tism. A play on not being able to see clearly and negative qualities being attached to what we can and can’t see. Poetry doesn’t always do it for me but some pieces are powerful.

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