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This week’s roundup has no particular theme – there’s a little Caribbean/North-American collaboration, there’s a throwback to junior high school lit class, and of course (because I’m stationed in a North American city that takes Halloween VERY seriously) a mandatory nod to all racist, insensitive costumes.

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m studying City and Regional Planning. It’s been really hard for me to get my head in the game in some classes because as I’m in a US school, much of it is so US focused and I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ll translate that knowledge into Caribbean spaces. This week has been a good week though – connections are becoming clearer and then I stumbled across an article on (continued) collaborations between Caribbean, US ans Canadian Planning Associations. Although I often question the intentions that go along with and power relationships further enforced by more capital rich and larger superpowers giving “support” to “developing” nations/regions, I think that knowledge and resource sharing is important.

Also, on a Caribbean/US collaboration in the music world, has anyone seen the Mya & Spice video – Take Him Out? I really, really hope it doesn’t get popular because I think it’s a horrible song and 1) I don’t want to start having discussions about it with people and 2) I don’t want to start liking it, because I’m really susceptible to liking horrible songs once they’re played enough.

It was Zee Edgell‘s birthday a couple weeks ago. Does anyone remember Beka Lamb from our Junior High? Well I actually don’t but know it was on the reading list and finally read it as an adult. I’ve made a habit of picking up old Caribbean books that were on CXC reading lists like Talk of the Tamarinds, A Brighter Sun and Moon on a Rainbow Shawl to relive my childhood and do  that whole appreciating things when you get older and pretending you actually cared about it back then. Because I’m getting old. I’m in classes with people born in the 90’s.

And lastly, in case Kristy Barnes, WASP extraordinaire, (or anyone confused about why their blackface, Native princess or Mexican gang member costumes a couple days ago were racist) comes across this post, I wanted to plug Native Appropriation’s Halloween post this year (because this world makes it necessary that you do an anti-racist-Halloween-costume post ever year), “So you wanna be an Indian for Halloween?” to close things off.

Happy weekend everyone! (Can you believe it’s November already?)


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