make the music come together

So I’m fully in soca frame of mind. Party on Friday…. I always used to say at a party where I’d danced a lot I’d wined out my soul, but Kerwin helped me reframe it far more positively… I’m ready to wine this fete alive. 🙂

I thought Nadia was pretty clever here. A wonderful look at controlling relationships and how abuse can take different forms… am I pushing the analysis a bit? 🙂

I love Shurwayne Winchester. He has been a nonentity for a couple years, but I looooove him.

Someone please tell me where the “everybody” is from. I know it’s from another song. And a little wine has hurt many people Patrice. Don’t lie.

And my absolute favourite song EVER. Kes I’m pretty meh on. David Rudder I’ve loved for years. This combination however makes me want to get on a plane now.


Comments on: "make the music come together" (1)

  1. take a wine for me at the party! 🙂

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