Since starting school again in August, I’ve caught what one of my professors terms the “hazard bug”. The first ten minutes of my first class on hazard mitigation, disaster recovery and climate change adaptation, I realised that this was where (at least part of) my heart was. Since then family, friends and my cohort have had to put up with every other phrase out of my mouth being “hazard mitigation” or “disaster management”. Hurricane Sandy did not help this. Colorlines’ article on Hurricane Sandy and climate justice did an excellent job of summing up why I’m now passionate about hazard mitigation and climate justice.

All this as Caribbean emergency management professionals prepare for the Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management next month. The theme of the conference this year speaks to the importance of regional coordination and cooperation which will be essential as small islands contribute so little to carbon emissions, but will feel the brunt of the effects of sea level rises (anyone heard of the Maldives?).

Speaking of small beautiful places, there was a great little touristy summary or why St. Kitts is amazing on Repeating Islands a few days ago. Didn’t catch it? Well, here. I return home in less than 3 weeks, and the article served to remind me of all the extremely touristy things that I will be doing when I go home. If you’re not going to be in St. Kitts on the beach, enjoying carnival, hiking up the volcano, you should be extremely jealous. Just saying.


Comments on: "Fyah Fridays: Disasters in/& beautiful places…" (1)

  1. the hazard bug is soo contagious! The CEDEMA conference looks really good as well.

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