Doing this a little differently this week. Instead of fyah I’ve spotted in the blogosphere I’m instead featuring fyah spots I’ve been personally sent over the past week.
faith & reasonMy father sent me this video, the friend of a friend preaching, yes that’s right I’m endorsing something religious… Christian even. The minister in this video takes a new look on a familiar scripture. A positive, realistic look… something doom and gloom, overly optimistic Christian perspectives can overshadow. Those simple things we can do, well within our power to cast demons out.

My sister sent me this… I believe she was identifying herself as a procrastinator. I however saw procrastinatemyself in this. When making a to do list I’m always adding things I’ve already done just to cross them off. 🙂 For those are who are looking to do something about their problem try zen to done… another tool I’ve used further procrastinate.
16_days_logo_englishBiggin’ some super huge Caribbean fyah ponitifacating re: the complications of being in the academy. The author takes up Audre Lorde in a way I have yet been unable to but know one day that my soul will need to. To all my others in the academy, let us never forget.

And b/c clearly DJ Rawkus must be paying my rent I have yet another mix to endorse… soca parang for the season… I can’t believe how much I’ve changed.

How could I forget my big big friend bringing plenty fyah to Barbados.


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