carni400For those of you who don’t know, it’s carnival season here in St. Kitts. After a particularly awful three months away from my home, I have returned to wuk up on J’ouvert morning, eat my parents’ food, soak up some much needed sun, and  be an unproductive human being in general so today’s links are in honour of Carnival and my return.

One of these days, I will do an anthropological/feminist study of winin’ across islands but for now all that I have to go on is some big island (or at least non-Kittitian) advice as a starting point i.e. A Womyn’s Guide to Straight Winin’ Culture: Part I. The rules of wukkin up/winin’/jamming are quite different in St. Kitts (or at least in my head). For example, I firmly believe that scandalous wukkin up is only allowed with one gentlemen per night the exception being parties that last more than five hours (who say Inception?) – please note that this rule does not apply to J’ouvert which does not occur at night. But as I said, it’s a starting point.

St. Kitts-Nevis has had quite the political saga going on of recent involving land swaps, canceled Parliament meetings and no-confidence votes for our Prime Minister. This kind of political upheaval has a lot of unpleasant consequences – the tension, the petty Facebook bickering, the general air of instability – but one ‘good’ thing that could/would/should come out of this is sweeeeeet Kaiso! Calypso semi-finalists have been chosen already and although I have not listened to this season’s calypso yet for once I might make sure I go to the epically long Calypso Monarch Semi-Final competition, because I’m convinced nuttin does mek calypso sweet like politics.

Look out for the music post on Add Fyah and Stir this Wednesday – I promise to share anything I find that documents political drama and/or encourages misbehavior of the waistline variety. Happy weekend Fyah Stirrers!



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