I haven’t been home for a carnival since the 2008/2009 season. Four years is a long time, so I expected to be surprised by how much carnival has changed – I still don’t know yet if it has or not – but what I was actually surprised by is how much I’ve changed. So here’s what I’ve learned about myself thus far:

1. I am too old to go out of my house at night, stand in the middle of the road and wuk up. For those of you who don’t know Party Central, it’s a nightly jam session that takes place at the centre of town leading up to and during carnival with various DJ’s and/or bands. It’s often packed with people I know (of), except like the 2 train in the Bronx, only Kittitians I have no desire to see. I don’t know what it is about wukkin up in the middle of the road next to a stationary sound system (yes, I just found the technicality to exclude Last Lap from this rule) but I just can’t get down with it.

2. I am too old to go out of my house at night, stand in the middle of the road and watch people. Again, I don’t know why this feels so much more entertaining at a club or a more closed off space, but it does.

3. I have too much past in this place. One of my friends is visiting and the number of times I stop to hug some random man who she’s never heard me mention before (and I’ve told her about a lot of people) or explain to her why I’m not a fan of some person is ridiculous.

4. I love Nu Vybes but Small Axe riddim box is true & pure inspiration for waistline wutlissniss.

5. SK sweet.

Who say J’ouvert?

Comments on: "What carnival has taught/reminded me about myself (the pre-j’ouvert edition)" (3)

  1. I always say J’ouvert 🙂 and yes growth/age will do that to you..make you be like..No.I.Just.Can’t..lol

  2. Look here F/Z,

    If i don’t get invited to come to st. kitts for carnival the next time you all are there, you both will find yourself excommunicated!!!lmao…..I hope Jouvert was beeeesssssssssssssssssss

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