I’m cheating since I finally found the music links for this carnival… welcome to the songs that (for the most part) had us skinning out on the road in SK.

1. Small Axe Band – DCH

I was anticipating the release of this song since I heard Small Axe perform the chant (just the chorus) when I was home this summer. When I first heard the song, I was seriously let down – I thought they could have done so much more. But hearing it 200 times, wukkin up on the road to it jouvert and my love of Ras Kelly’s riddim box won out and I do get excited when they ask me “Can you feel it, you feel it, tell me can you feel it?” and wasn’t too upset when it won Road March.

2. Grand Masters Band – Hollywood

I appreciate Grand Masters – they’re a band that’s actually made up of real musicians. That being said, these days Grand Masters does bore me. I like this song and it was nice to jam to on the road but I actually completely forgot about it until I went searching for the GM releases for this year.

3. Nu Vybes Band – Oxygen

I have no words for how disappointed I am in Nu Vybes this year. I am/was a big Sugar Head (Nu Vybes is known as the Sugar Band so Sugar Heads are diehard fans) and have been making excuses for them for the last few years but when J’ouvert is early Dec 26th and you release your songs on Dec 22nd, you’ve reached a new level of ridiculousness. I didn’t even want to post a song for them and I absolutely refuse to post that One Order song that cyan ketch me till now. I so vex I like “Oxygen”. Anyway, here.

4. Kollision Band – Big Shake

This was the song I had to be Road March. Although it “borrowed” significantly from a Haitian commercial, what music doesn’t use samples from Haitian commercials these days? This carnival I officially became a Kollision fan – the band seems to work hard, their live performances have been hype, their sound is clear on the road and they aren’t one of the big 3 bands (Nu Vybes, Grand Masters, Small Axe) and have the potential to break their monopoly. As you listen to this song you need to do the big shake dance. To not would be disrespectful.

5. Kollision Band – KB Mix

This mix performed live does mek me practice wukkin up on me head like de young girls dem. Riddim!!!!!!!!!!!


Any of the songs hitting your sweet spot? Did I miss any that you loved this carnival, fyah stirrers?

Comments on: "Fyah Fridays – The SK Music Edition" (1)

  1. that Kollison mix reeeeal sweet. Wishing I was in Sk for that. Woooooooiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
    Sk jam session tonight!

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