2071_664015516001_1484_nBecause it’s my parents’ anniversary (but more importantly because I’m lazy), I decided to repost this.

I have grown up in the shelter of my parents’ love.

When I was younger, I understood the key word in that statement to be “shelter”. With the help of private primary schooling, my parents protected me from everything it seemed to me. Every party in high school meant a new argument about the curfew imposed on me… all I knew was pick up time ended in “p.m.” as opposed to “a.m.”. Every argument meant a fight I would lose… I heard stories at school about friends receiving permission from one parent to do something after the other parent said no, but my parents were a unified front – no divide and conquer techniques would work on the pair who answered my questions with an “I’ll talk to your father about it and get back to you” or a “Sounds ok, but don’t take that as a yes, let me check with your mother.” And every lost fight meant an explanation after – slammed doors would be opened, their momentarily raised voices would be apologized for, my shoulders tense with effort to hold onto anger would be hugged loose.

I have grown up in the shelter of my parents’ love.

The “grown up” part is very important. I have been amazed at how much my relationship with Daddy has bloomed with music – erratic but smooth jazz melodies, witty kaiso lyrics and simply chill reggae meditations. The jazz I didn’t love at first, the kaiso I didn’t take the time to know, and the reggae I could just never take the time to sit with him in silence before. And now, I wear my mother’s clothes, wrap my head in her fabrics, and am seeing more of her face in mine everyday.

I have grown up in the shelter of my parents’ love.

Now I know the most important word is “love”. My parents as a unified force have loved me in ways I could not begin to know how to thank them for. They have given me a blueprint for life, not only in the way they treat me – but in the way they treat each other. Forever understanding. Forever supporting. Forever growing together from ballroom dancing lessons, to raw food diets. I have grown up seeing a love that most persons can only dream of… and as I return each year and see them look happier and more in love than before, I know that for them, 25 years is only the beginning.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs! Amazing couple. It was a pleasure meeting them and listening to Mr. Jacobs’ music fill the house in the evenings.

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