Fyah Fridays

Anyone who’s read my “about me” bit knows I used to be a writer. Or I am a writer. I am/was a writer who is no longer writing regularly. I’ve been struggling with that a lot over the past few years and have not yet found the discipline or confidence to work through it, so when I saw this Jay Smooth video, I realized the universe was talking to me. I probably have about 2000 little haters living in my head. Is this you too, fyah stirrers? How do you get through these creative blocks?

Since we’re on the topic of not writing and not doing work, I’ve discovered a new way of justifying procrastination. Short films! They’re self-contained like most movies so I don’t feel compelled to watch the next episode, and like sitcoms, they don’t take more than thirty minutes of my time. A couple of my favourite are Remigration, a film on a not-too-far in the future gentrified San Francisco that working class, poor people can no longer afford to live in, and The Door, a look at bonds between women with beautiful music by Goapele and others.

And a shout out to my home, St. Kitts, for one of its green energy initiatives. I especially like this article because of its reference to St. Kitts and Nevis’s government as “the government of Denzil Douglas”. With all the drama in St. Kitts’ politics these days, the description of the government as belonging to the Prime Minister seems, well, apt.

I hope everyone’s fully recovered from Trinidad carnival festivities. I try not to be a jealous person but if you were on the road playing mas’ while I was in the cold wet rain this week, I kind of hate you. But sending love anyway fyah stirrers!


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