keep-calm-and-slow-jam-2Last wkd I was at this party, if you’re in Toronto I’d recommend it. It takes a lot less energy than a soca fete. It’s nice to go out and not come home feeling like you’ve run a marathon. To the matter at hand… at some point the djs said they were switching it up. My friend said she felt like she was in grade school. I don’t know what grade school she went to, but it was some solid grind up music. I’d never seen ppl pair up so quickly. Shout out to all the same sex pairs! 🙂

This may have been the one song I recognised right off the bat. This is the only song I will ever remember Ciara for, trendsettah had said (when it came out) it’s nice b/c it has a Janet Jackson vibe to it. I don’t remember Janet too well, so I just think it’s a hot song. Biggin’ up the CSO Culture show wkd production that used this for one of their performance *cough cough *. 🙂

We (well my friend) danced out to this one. I’ll be honest, I have no recollection of this song when it came out. But it sure does inspire some very careful, smoothly executed caterpillars (was that the name of the dance?)

Finally, remember when this dude used to sing? Before fast & furious days? Can you believe they are making a 6th one of those? Back to the topic at hand, from singing about coke (cola) on the back of a bus to his sweet lady to bad “black guy one-liners” in movies, I’m sticking at step 2.

Comments on: "makes the ppl come together- grind up music" (2)

  1. That must have been an interesting grade school!!! I don’t remember the second song either so ur not alone.

  2. LSG- Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill used to heat up Video Soul back in the day. That song was hot!. I was in early secondary school when that came out for me but was definitely a jam.

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