old school hip hopIt really seems like I’ve stopped listening to music. I went to an old school hip hop/ r&b  jam the other day, and frighteningly I knew all the music. When I was 17, even 20 and going out and the old school set started I rarely knew any of the music. At this age now… old school is the music I was listening to 10-15 years ago. That said, here’s what is qualifying as old[er] school these days… music I didn’t even have on tape! 🙂

I started to listen to music fairly late in high school, barely paying much attention to it before this. This meant the Mariah Carrey  I met was this Mariah…

Do you remember Next? I barely do.

I do believe this was the year I started watching BET. Yes, there was a time I watched BET. I swear I was studying it just so that I could follow conversations at school.

The dancehall I actually did have on a tape.

For the soca, like they didn’t have old school…

Random side note. Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu on the same track?


Comments on: "makes the ppl come together- old school" (1)

  1. G O'Flaherty said:

    it’s a bit like when you realize the year of your birthday is a wine vintage

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