writingWriting is such a challenge, but Teji Cole is right, so many of us what to write but we’re not. I don’t think of myself as a writer but when I read the works of others I think I should really practise more, I rarely make the effort though. Maybe I need a challenge, I tried this 30 letter challenge, maybe I should try the 750 word a day challenge. Anyone want to join me?

I came across this beautiful site on a friend’s facebook page. This celebration of people of colour doing yoga matyoga reminded me of my own practice that has been waning in the last two months or so. Something tells me that if I had pictures of myself in these poses I might be able to muster more motivation. Over at Caribbean Yoga Movement they’re encouraging members (you can be one too) to take a picture of themselves in poses they’re working on. Want to join me? Or take my picture?

Eating right… When one things drop off my schedule so do a million other things. I’ve written about eating-disorderbody image  before and read a lot about black women, eating and body image. The author here talks about disordered eating in black womyn, shares her stories of an unhealthy relationship with food that was fed or was feeding feelings of displacement while in grad school “being queer, a Black woman, femme, bi, dark skinned, nappy haired, loud, ghetto, and poor that eating disorder will come out to say hi. It will be your way of coping.”

On eating well… 13 foods for a a long and happy life. You’re not about to see me jump on the soy, olive oil, seed or dark chocolate train. Especially not the dark mangoeschocolate train with it’s fake candy self. But the others… I’m going to make more of an effort.

On eating badly… none of the aforementioned 13 appear in the ingredient list of this treat that I’m going to try to make by the end of June. I plan to post pictures.








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