Girls Globe writer Camaro West blogs from the Women Deliver conference in Malaysia reminding us of the power of social media in bringing about meaningful change. #WDlive and #WD2013 

feminist buttons“As a collective of individuals, organizations and governments gathering together at Women Deliver and mobilizing all of this non-traditional currency, we can work to ensure that when money is thrown at a problem, it is thrown in a direction that will best get at the root causes and lead to lasting changes.”

A friend introduced me to the beauty of children’s literature. Looking for a gift for a child in your life? Check out this book, by lgbt activit Sherlina Nageer out of Guyana.

“This story takes place in an Amerindian village by the majestic Kanuku Mountains of the Rupununi children's literatureregion of Guyana. A lonely little girl finds friendship in the unlikeliest of places. Showcasing daily life and culture of the indigenous people of Guyana, this story will be enjoyed by Guyanese and non-Guyanese of all ages.”

It’s getting to be summer time in Toronto and the fitness pressure is on. I’m constantly thinking to myself, I pole dancingshould exercise more, eat less rubbish and be healthier, bur really it’s only b/c I will now I fewer layers to hide under. This article on pole dancing reminded me of another fitness phase at another point in my life. The author says she took a class and liked it. I took a few classes and didn’t hate it. I liked working the pole, doing the twirls and marvelling at what I could do with body. What I couldn’t stand about it was the pressure to be sensual. Sensual and sexy don’t come natural to me. If you know me, you would not be surprised by this. But nothing made me feel less sexy than being in room with 8 other women who are also looking into a mirror as they work their pole/chair. I was pretty sure that if I put any effort into the sensuality I’d end up looking like Carrie:

All that to say, our bodies are capable of incredible things, we should treat them well.

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