fyah spots- we’re back!

These posters are so hype. CARICAN i.e. CARICOM can take a stand against homophobia. Support the site b/c really, CARICOM can, and only canCARICOM flags if we ourselves take a stand.

This page is part of a collective response to recent mob-killings of gay and transgender Caribbean citizens in Haiti and Jamaica. Using Rosie the Riveter as a theme, the tagline “We Can Do It”, is an attempt to lobby CARICOM governments to take a clear position on homophobic and transphobic violence. Contributors are asked to wear their flags as a head tie and pump their muscles for peace.


This link kinda plugs us… but have you seen it? Top 10 Caribbean Feminist Blogs you should follow? If it were in order the blog that put out this list should be number one! Big up to all my Caribbean feminists out there, those who write, those who act, those who think, those who are slowly crossing over. Our fyah makes things that much sweeter in the region. I’ve even missed a few of these over the years. But if I had to pick my favourite favourite, I’d have to give it to Creative Commess, and you should definitely follow her on facebook.

Speaking of Caribbean feminists… Fatimah Jackson-Best has been representing Caribbean Muslim faithwomen over at aquila style superbly for the last few months. Check out her latest post on mental health and illness in Muslim communities. Her piece offers advice that is relevant to all communities religious or not. It’s crucial that we talk about mental health, support people when they seek help, and individually that we not see it as a weakness in our faith or sense of self.

skin care productsI’ve been sleeping on Black Girl in the Ring and I missed this great post on dealing with acne naturally. As I head into my 30s with this acne still following me I think (read: hope) that maybe this Wadadli (Antiguan) remedy for acne may be the answer.

In my hat tip and final good bye to Toronto, I remember Sammy Yatim who was killed seemingly senselessly by a Toronto police justice for Sammyofficer. I share the reflection of a friend of pieces2peace prompted by his witnessing of a protest for Sammy Yatim in downtown Toronto. I remember my own confusion when I heard to story, and increased confusion when I saw the video. I remember my own outrage that this young man had been killed. My own disappointment with myself for not showing up for the protests.

yoga matAnd because I’ve been gone for so long I’m giving you 6 links instead of 3. Here are 23 problems only yoga people understand. I related 100% to numbers 2, 7, 9, 13, 15, 22 and 23. I have a hard hard life.

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  1. I was so excited to see the new post and then humbled by your shout out! Thank you addfyahandstir women, I’m inspired by Caribbean bad asses like yourselves!

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