Music Wednesdays!


This week’s selection is from the new albums on my listening rotation.

1. John Legend – Who Do We Think We Are

One of my favourite songs on the album. Despite the perspective the video (and my subsequent re-listening to the lyrics) presents, I will continue to maintain that this song is about the pseudo-arrogance of falling/growing/staying in love in the face of everything that’s wrong with this world and the number of times other people (and even you) have gotten it wrong.

2. Drake – Too Much ft Sampha

Probably my absolute favourite on the album. Maybe the one song I’m not ashamed to like. I enjoy Sampha a lot on this track; also I really think Drake is at his best when he’s in his vulnerable, reflective, personal storyteller persona.

3. Janelle Monae – Primetime ft Miguel

A pretty mainstream-sounding track from the album but I still love it (she reminds me a bit of Yahzarah¬†on this song). I’m kinda looking forward to the video which is being released tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day!

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