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Music – the bim edition

Although I’ve been in Barbados for about 5 days, I haven’t gotten much of a sense of the big tunes for cropover 2012 but what I will share is some of my favourite Bajan tunes over the years.

1. Square One – Grind Me (Come Up To My Bumsy)

Allison Hinds & Square One was probably the first soca band I loved. Although this is a popular song, I didn’t hear it often in Toronto so the few times this song ketch me… wooooo!

2. Krosfyah – Sugar Cane

I love obvious and wutliss double entendres. Need I say more?

3. Timmy – Bumpa Catch A Fire

I’m not sure that I like this song. But I can’t hear it without smiling. Memories of Caribbean Students’ Organization party weekends during undergrad come flooding back.

Happy Cropover or carnival season to everyone in Barbados, Antigua, St. Vincent, Tortola, Toronto, Grenada, Nevis and anywhere else celebrating!

makes the people come together- Carnival round up

I promised a while back a carnival music post. It’s festival time in the region! I was going to post about all the winners of soca monarch so far  followed by larging up the women competing in islands where the competition hasn’t been held yet. Then I started to search for women competing and low and behold I’m beginning to side with Destra, Denise and Fay-Ann have been saying for years is true: there are so few women (competing) in soca b/c the the industry is not supportive of women. I’d never taken their position too seriously, after all, they are staples in the industry. Shameful analysis I know… this is what happens when lyrics of rum, wine, jump and wave are in my head, I’m not as sharp as I should be. So I dedicate this post to the facts, competing in soca as a women cannot be an easy road, it must also be pretty lonely. Thank you Calypso Rose and the many others for helping pave the way.

Fya Empress in St. Vincent: Rum Please

Sergie in St. Lucia: Ah Drunk

Interesting theme between songs one and two.

Shout out to the women competing in the soca monarchs in Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados and Grenda.

Tizzy in Antigua & Barbuda: Give it to Me

Nathalee in Barbados: Good Wukka Man

Nekoyan in Grenada: Miss the  Plane

Wishing everyone a safe, enjoyable and exciting carnival!

*Relevant side note: I’m not feeling any of these songs in particular, but I’m sure if were in the country having the music pushed at my non-stop on the radio, in the bus, in the car I’d have clearer favourites.

Music Wednesday

It’s Summertime and the vibe is nice, music is all around and there’s a party every weekend. Here are some of my favourite summertime jams.

One of my picks from Antigua Carnival 2011

Old School Dancehall vibes

Another Carnival tune, this one from Barbados

A very short list, too many tunes to narrow down. What makes u wanna do the body wave during the summer?



makes the ppl come together

I’m delaying the “summer” soca edition yet again. It’s still a little early to call the big songs across the archipelago.

My musical tastes don’t vary much. I can listen to the same song for an hour and not notice. On the flip side of soca, but keeping it regional here’s some stuff that’s been on repeat on my side.

I first heard this song at a show in Trinidad. I swear, when the man says he’s mortal again again after tour, I know that’s not the exact line, but just that understanding of how as performers they become something other than human, or are elevated as such. Oh, the affair of this heart.

A classmate in Barbados introduced me to this young man. Protoje, whose mother always knew he was going and be dred. 🙂

St. Kitts Music Festival 2001 I was really looking forward to Joe but this family brought down the show in the rain.

I really want to feature a current song by a female reggae artist but I not trying to highlight any man training, find me in the back yard kind of songs on this vibe. If you have any recent suggestions from recent women doing their non-scandalous thing be sure to share.

fyah Fridays!

I’ve been hella absent on the blogopshere over the last two weeks or so. I’m doing my best not to play catch up. Instead treating the information that’s out there like a river flowing by, sometimes you catch things, other times you won’t, but it’s a constant flow, lots of great stuff still to come.

Pride season is upon us. Over at Black Girl Dangerous she puts forward reasons she not in pride these days. She speaks to how important a space it was for her when she was now coming out, identifying as queer over lesbian and/or gay and how all that money pumped into pride could be spent on more pressing issues of the lgbtq communities. Reading it, I was thinking about drawing similar paralells between her position and that of carnival. Be patient with me here b4 all you mas playing, tent visiting, fete hopping people fly into a rage. I get that carnival is routed in historical significance that is so crucial to our identity as Caribbean people, I myself love a j’ouvert but for me there is always a niggling feeling that the excess is also a sign of our distance from the very real issues we face as a people. This is becoming increasingly evident as so many spaces are becoming increasingly exclusive. Maybe I’ll expand on this more another time.

Theorising homophobias in the Caribbean- Complexities of Place, Desire & Belongingis out! Complete with short stories, films,

interviews, essays and other great stuff. Shouting out Zahra Airall and Charmaine Crawford for making me feel like I know people in things. 🙂

I vaguely remember promising a pie by month end. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how likely that it. We’ll see, it could happen. But what I did do was a mini craft project. Anyone interested can find the pattern here. My aunt taught me how initially as a child when I wasn’t pay attention. I came across this book and thought I’d become a crocheting queen. It didn’t really translate but ever so often I produce something decent looking. I made it far too small to be useful, so if anyone known a child who might like it I’ll be happy to send it your way. 🙂 You should also check out our bookshelf over at goodreads!

Here’s to bringing some fyah to the wkd! 🙂

Alison Hinds and Edwin Yearwood together?

makes the ppl come together- hmmmmm music

I was going to do a “summer” carnival music post but really I have to do a little more research for it to be a quality post. But biggin’ up all the people getting ready for the road in St. Lucia and St. Vincent in July, Antigua, Barbados, Nevis and Grenada in August…. if only I had the money and the stamina.

So instead of carnival music I give you music that makes me go hmmmmm….

Hmmmm… Well everyone’s talking about Erykah and this video. Yeah, it’s certainly not something I’d do and definitely do not get but I’m pretty sure that no matter what she does I’ll always kinda love her for seemingly doing whatever the fuck she wants. And no matter what she does some people will always not love her. NSFW.

**** pulled this video  because of a statement posted on her facebook page re: her outrage re: not being consulted on the final product, racism and sexism suck.*****

So here’s a daring Erykah we know she was okay with.

Hmmmm… Nostalgia’s powerful. Saw this not-so- amazing clip from the Summer Jam concert in NY last week. I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again, Lauryn Hill’s voice is not the toughest, but every time I see her even if I know I’ll be a little disappointed, I get chills.

Hmmmm…. Very different sound, I heard my neighbour singing this one morning when I was hanging out clothes. Her daughter’s pretty funny and her voice is pretty incredible. Going back down memory lane is a little easy in this ages of digital pictures…

Best Weekend Ever Lives On!!

Due to inclement weather yesterday we get to jump and jam again on Sunday!! I also  have some new songs to share with you all. The first one is a special going out to my Bajan peeps. Hope you had a good Kadooment.


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