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Fyah Fridays- Girls, Food and Science

girls1. I have been watching Girls on HBO. I watch it because it’s a captivating story, featuring unique perspectives and characters I have never seen on Television in this light before. These are some screwed up, delusional, without-a-clue, privileged, reckless, self-involved women living in a dream world and it’s hella entertaining to watch. There are many scenes that make me quite uncomfortable around sex acts and relationships but I know this shit really happens. Another aspect about Girls is that not one of the characters are remotely likeable, not one of them. Yet I can’t stop watching.  This is an article I read that sort of reflects how I feel about the show. I know the season has ended but I don’t have HBO so I have to find alternative viewing options so that leaves me quite a bit behind.

food2. I love food, probably too much. I love to go to fancy grocery stores and buy up special sauces and oils and frozen samosas and other delicious things. I found this article on food prices globally and its progression in the last few years. I found it interesting the amount of money spent on food at home. As a student I try my best to eat at home and prepare food to go when I can. How much money do you think you spend on food away from home?

3. I Bleeping love Science. This is my most favourite facebook page. Get into it! science

Have a great weekend!

fyah links- jumping through the islands

Going regional this round.

The Caribbean athletes did phenomenon-ally in the Olympics. Special shout-outs to Kirani James and Lalonde. This the first time in a long time I’ve been unable to watch the games without getting worked up. I worry that my jadedness may ruin the simple things that I enjoy, but professional sports as a metaphor for capitalism is far too much at the forefront of my mind to enjoy it the way I used to.

Antigua, this is wholly unacceptable. I understand that there is a fine line to dance here surrounding censorship but I do think lines need to be drawn when it comes to endorsing violence. I spent a lot of time being excited about the various carnivals, but this song and the defence of it really soured my mood.

Guyana, I do not know how the protestors in Linden make it out every day.  300% rise in electricity in areas with such high unemployment. It makes me wonder if I would be on the line. What would stop me? What would put me there? I do think seeing Andaiye there may have shamed me into action. In this part of the region, especially with my class privilege there  are so many things I take for granted. Knowing that things are expensive and complaining about it while still being able to pull out the cash or swipe the card. When/ if they day comes I can no longer do that will it then seem to me more likely that I too would join that march?

Grenada, make your sole aerial and support this incredible campaign to support goat farmers!

Make a nice salad for yourself Nevis style, or some nice breadfruit cake* (never heard of this one).

Not regional but I’m pretty excited about this book. Maybe we should start a regional one, or a woc one. Black when used in an American context always seems a tad myopic.

The Ground Glass Collective has just put out a wonderfully, new beautiful set of pictures.

*So happy to see Caribbean Vegan back on the scene.

fyah Fridays!

I’ve been hella absent on the blogopshere over the last two weeks or so. I’m doing my best not to play catch up. Instead treating the information that’s out there like a river flowing by, sometimes you catch things, other times you won’t, but it’s a constant flow, lots of great stuff still to come.

Pride season is upon us. Over at Black Girl Dangerous she puts forward reasons she not in pride these days. She speaks to how important a space it was for her when she was now coming out, identifying as queer over lesbian and/or gay and how all that money pumped into pride could be spent on more pressing issues of the lgbtq communities. Reading it, I was thinking about drawing similar paralells between her position and that of carnival. Be patient with me here b4 all you mas playing, tent visiting, fete hopping people fly into a rage. I get that carnival is routed in historical significance that is so crucial to our identity as Caribbean people, I myself love a j’ouvert but for me there is always a niggling feeling that the excess is also a sign of our distance from the very real issues we face as a people. This is becoming increasingly evident as so many spaces are becoming increasingly exclusive. Maybe I’ll expand on this more another time.

Theorising homophobias in the Caribbean- Complexities of Place, Desire & Belongingis out! Complete with short stories, films,

interviews, essays and other great stuff. Shouting out Zahra Airall and Charmaine Crawford for making me feel like I know people in things. 🙂

I vaguely remember promising a pie by month end. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how likely that it. We’ll see, it could happen. But what I did do was a mini craft project. Anyone interested can find the pattern here. My aunt taught me how initially as a child when I wasn’t pay attention. I came across this book and thought I’d become a crocheting queen. It didn’t really translate but ever so often I produce something decent looking. I made it far too small to be useful, so if anyone known a child who might like it I’ll be happy to send it your way. 🙂 You should also check out our bookshelf over at goodreads!

Here’s to bringing some fyah to the wkd! 🙂

Alison Hinds and Edwin Yearwood together?

Self Care Pledge

One of the standard workshops I run is on self-care. The last activity in the workshop, we ask people to write themselves a promise, a “Self Care Pledge”, one thing that they will do for themselves i)each day ii)each week and iii)each month. Each time I facilitate this workshop, I fill out my pledge and, more often than not, do not follow through on my commitment to myself. Fyah stirrers, I’m sharing my self care pledge with you today in the hopes that I will have too much shame to break such a public promise.

I pledge to go to bed early every day. I am not a person who can feel rested on 6 hours of sleep – I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night in order to wake up smoothly and not suffer a severe energy level crash at 2pm. Something always tends to feel more important than getting to sleep by 11pm though – finishing a True Blood episode I’ve already seen, having a phone conversation with someone I can call the next day, online shopping on Forever21. Going to sleep late also means I am less likely to get up early for a run, and I’ve learned running 3 mornings a week can make my mood infinitely better. So, I promise that I will make every effort to be in bed and asleep by 11pm at the latest.

I pledge to prepare lunches for myself every week. I used to be really good at doing this every weekend. This requires me to go grocery shopping and set aside time to cook which is simple enough, but often by Sunday I’m so tired that I fail at my half-hearted attempts to get myself out of bed. The times I do manage this, my week tends to go a lot better – I spend less unnecessary money, I feel better since I generally cook healthy and delicious meals (yes, that was me bigging myself up – I good to put in house), and my weekday nights feel a lot less rushed because one major task is already done. With 40 days left in Toronto, my evenings are throwaways in terms of not spending money on food and eating healthily since I’m going out for dinner with friends a lot more often, but my lunches can still be sensible.

I pledge to take time to reflect and unpack every month. I remember derevolushun telling me once that a lot more people should go to therapists because we pick up so much little shit in our daily lives and never take the time to think about it/unpack it/release it. In this vein, I’d like to promise myself to take some alone time every month (maybe go on a date with myself) to evaluate my thoughts, feelings and journeys for the month past, and figure out how i’d like to move forward into the next one.

Fyah stirrers, are you good at taking care of yourselves? Do you need to make some public promises here too? Let’s hold each other accountable!

Happy Monday.

In Defence of Bad Decisions

One of my guilty pleasure celebrity crushes is Vince Vaughn. His characters are the same in all his films and he often talks about getting together, usually in party situations, and making some good old-fashioned bad decisions. He is speaking about alcohol inspired bad decisions which are not endorsed by Addfyahandstir, but ice cream, pizza, deep fried anything, sleeping in a little longer, giving your number to  that cutie you met in the streets, buying an item of clothing you love but don’t need. All these things can be classified as bad decisions but don’t they sometimes make you feel oh so good.

Disclaimer: this is not about obviously dangerous and risky behaviour, but the deviations from your linear plan that can bring a smile to your face, I want to propose, are good bad decisions that can bring light and joy to an otherwise dreary day/time/space.

I spoke to a wise woman this weekend who told me about a time that after a particularly bad day at her job she stopped off at the store and bought a pint of ice cream and six candy bars. She went home and used those six candy bars as a spoon (my heroine) and finished the pint of ice cream while watching television. The look on her face as she retold this experience made it clear to me that her therapy came at the bottom of that pint of ice cream.

A once in a while splurge, leap of (blind) faith, or release can be just what we need at times in our lives. You know others may not agree, you know that tomorrow’s gym session may need to be a little more rigorous, or the budget may need some tweaking next time or you may have to avoid some phone calls for a bit but there is something to be said for a even a little bit of instant gratificaiton/rule breaking/ brukking out, once is a while. I think we all deserve it.

Disclaimer again, don’t tell people that I am  suggesting that you derail your emotional and physical  health, financial goals, career and general well being for a quick fix. Keep your overall goals in mind but a treat once in a while can be what I  need to take me through the Mondays (like today).

For me I think it’s listening to slackness ( this song may be a problem),  buying make-up (the pretty-pretty colours) and splurging on a meal. I know that my sensibilities, budget and belly take their hits but what can I say, it makes me feel good.

Do you agree with my line of defence? What are your good bad decisions?

Fyah Links Friday

Friday is here and it has been a helluva week. Got a parking ticket, spent too much money, can’t find my camera, missed a deadline,  been reckless with my eating and yeah,  I’m sure you get the picture.

However the redemption and salvation of the week is here and I want to share some of the few interesting links I came across.

Free learning yall! There’s almost something for anyone on this page and it’s a great link to browse lots of different online learning programmes for those of us ( me) who need to take active steps towards graduate education.

Live strong I have been on this site for a while and love it. It has great resources for healthy living in general and is great for vegetarian/vegan/pescatarians like myself.

So happy to learn about the Frida fund grantees. Inspired much? Congrats to the grantees and to the Frida fund for your awesome work.

I have been out of the loop in terms of music for a while. My friend introduced me to DJ Private Ryan‘s podcast link where you can find lots of new and old stuff nicely packaged for download.

How do they know my life???

Three things I will be trying

It’s still early in the year so it’s still about fresh starts and I decided to share with the fyah family a few things that I am going to try. I started thinking about this post as things I want to try but then getting a tattoo got crossed off the list so I am left with things I am going to try.

1) Audio books.

I know, I know, there is nothing like the feel of a paper back and I enjoy browsing my personal library and remembering when I read certain books. I am attached to my books and DO NOT LEND them to anyone for fear of not getting them back. Fast forward to 2012 and I just don’t have the time to commit to reading and enjoying books like I used to. I keep buying books and haven’t gotten around to reading them and it makes me sad. A good friend of mine told me that he was in the same dilemma until he started audio books, you listen while doing chores, in the car, at the gym and he gets through a book a month. I haven’t read a book a month since forever and would be happy with a book every three months. I actually downloaded Ayaan Hersi Ali’s Infidel (another paperback that                                                                 taunts me from my bookshelf) and I shall be loading it onto the phone tonight. I will let you know how it goes.

2) Agenda Keeping

Sounds simple right? Every year I get a brand new day planner and haul it around in my bag and  it becomes a place where I stash bills and paper and random phone numbers and does nothing to help me organise my life. I’m  really gonna try to check it daily and use it for reminders and meetings and birthdays and stuff.

3) Learn about caloric intake

Not in the stressful, depriving and annoying way, but to be knowledgeable about how food works as fuel for my body and all that good stuff.   I would like to know more about carbs and protein and fibre and aminos and sodium and all the other things they talk about on TV.  Trust, pizza will still be my favourite food and there is always cake in my fridge for a reason but  I was ashamed to realise that I know more about what fuels my car than what fuels my body. No bueno . As they say you only have one body so you better take care of it.  I wonder if I can figure out how many calories in a nice plate of ducuna, saltfish and chop-up.

Fyah Links Friday

I came across this post a few weeks ago and was smizing at it’s sincere frankness, I too am a big sister and can totally relate. The comments under the article though, you may need to take a seat, or ignore them like I always tell myself I should.



Just because she is so darn cute!!

DC, I see you! I think that some Caribbean islands are quite veggie friendly            ( more accurately pescatarain friendly) because of the influence of  Rastafari

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