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Fyah Fridays- Girls, Food and Science

girls1. I have been watching Girls on HBO. I watch it because it’s a captivating story, featuring unique perspectives and characters I have never seen on Television in this light before. These are some screwed up, delusional, without-a-clue, privileged, reckless, self-involved women living in a dream world and it’s hella entertaining to watch. There are many scenes that make me quite uncomfortable around sex acts and relationships but I know this shit really happens. Another aspect about Girls is that not one of the characters are remotely likeable, not one of them. Yet I can’t stop watching.  This is an article I read that sort of reflects how I feel about the show. I know the season has ended but I don’t have HBO so I have to find alternative viewing options so that leaves me quite a bit behind.

food2. I love food, probably too much. I love to go to fancy grocery stores and buy up special sauces and oils and frozen samosas and other delicious things. I found this article on food prices globally and its progression in the last few years. I found it interesting the amount of money spent on food at home. As a student I try my best to eat at home and prepare food to go when I can. How much money do you think you spend on food away from home?

3. I Bleeping love Science. This is my most favourite facebook page. Get into it! science

Have a great weekend!

like a paediatrician I have little [pey-shuhns]*

I am officially one of those people who is consumed by thoughts of how lazy I and people in general have become over time. Technology and convenience are making our lives better in many ways and ruining us in others. We have lost of all sense of patience.

Bottled water. The people pushing this agenda AMAZE me. When I was going to school there was no such thing. Now they would have me believe that if I’m not hydrated all day every day I’m slowly killing myself and my body. You know what they’re really really selling? Plastic and over active bladders. Just b/c you could drink some water doesn’t mean you’re thirsty, waiting until you get home won’t kill you. Don’t believe the hype.

Cell phones. When is the last time you arranged to meet someone somewhere and were very vague about time and location b/c you knew that when you got there you could just call/im and figure it out from there. Ever have your phone not work and/or run out of money on your phone (big up to all the prepaid ppl!)? Whatever did we do pre-2000 (pre-2006 for me) to meet up with people? We were specific and expected people to commit to being there when they said they would be.

Movies. This is largely as a result of growing up in a small Caribbean island. I’d see a movie adverstised on television and think, “oooooo.. I’d like to watch that”. The excitement and anticipation built as I hoped it would come to the cinema in the weeks to come. If it didn’t I hoped in the months to come it would come to one of the movie channels my parents paid for (fyah- not to good kind- for Showtime, the Movie Channel and all others I didn’t have). Today, I see something advertised I immediately look for it online with a great sense of entitlement. I in turn experience a great deal of frustration if I can’t find it.

Information. There is nothing that I should not know. I grew up with parents who valued knowledge and could afford encyclopaedias. Any question asked was almost always met with, “look it up”. I HATED that response and would often avoid asking anything b/c it meant having to look it up and telling them what I found out. Now. Psssssh anyone says anything I’ve never heard of and wiki/googling their backside to disprove them. One, this is bad b/c I’m looking up information that really does not matter. Two, why in the world must I know everything? It’s not possible or necessary.

Email. I wish a fool would not respond to my email in a timely manner. I may be one of the last 1000 people with a cell phone that has no email but let me tell you I know you have it on yours. You know what that means, when you email me I expect a prompt response. Now why should I expect this? Just b/c you can respond to my email means you should? As the person waiting on a reply I feel as though the answer is yes. As a reasonable individual, I need to let this go. Increased contact has greatly increased my expectations.

Tv online. Remember when you actually used to make time for your favourite tv show? Friday night for TGIF was a staple in my house. I went through an NBC must see tv phase too- no judgement. Now? I couldn’t even tell you what days some of my favourite shows come on. Why? B/c I refuse to watch commercials, have to sit in front of a television at a specific time and be unable to pause my show in case something comes up. I watched a sitcom tv the other day. It was ROUGH. Imagine not having the attention span for a 30 minute sitcom with commercials b/c I’m too accustomed to being on gchat, Skype, wiki-ing someone’s backside, Google Reader and facebook-ing while watching my tv shows.

I do believe it is that great sense of entitlement to have everything at once when I want it is ruining me. I’m busy trying to figure out how to keep it in check myself, but I’m not seeing any hope out there. Any ideas anyone?

*misquote from Ian Kamau, September Nine Vol 2

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