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makes the ppl come together on *fantastic Friday*

Trinidad Carnival, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad & TobagoNow I spent my *fantastic Friday* shoveling snow, staying under the covers and avoiding snow. Had I put more thought into the matter I should have shoveled listening to one my soca mixes, either this one, or this one… it was bound to make the experience more pleasurable. I’m sure the show was amazing, I don’t mind jump and wave soca 80% of the time during carnival season so I’m not put off by the plethora of songs that have little substance. Here are some of my favourites… and yes, there are no Machel tunes here even though I’m a big fan of two of his song this year. He gets more than enough coverage elsewhere so it’s not really bad mind. 🙂

I wasn’t into soca music, or Trini music enough to be a fan when this man was a staple at soca monarchs. People say he’s the greatest… I don’t often see it. What I do see is someone who definitely inspires people to “get on”, someone who struggles with addiction and breaks the age barrier every time he mashes up the place. So yes, de bouncin’ start!

Denise… age, size & sex barrier. You ever see someone work a bumsie so? In all seriousness, every time I see this woman live I feel a combination of shame and pride. Pride b/c oh me oh my, look at her work it. Shame, b/c oh me oh my, my body could never do that. Not even at its most fit. True royalty…

I’ve been mixed over the years re: Swappi. Sometimes I think he’s a joke, other times I think he’s a boss. A friend made me believe this year though, this power soca… I really don’t have time for chupidness!

who say Return Fete in 10 days?

soca sistah soljahs

soca partyHow I’ll make it through what is now my 2nd missed carnival- which further cements the fact that there will be many many more that I will miss- I. Do. Not. Know. That’s pretty dramatic. I know I’ll be just fine. In the meantime I’ll try to get the most out of Toronto by going to a soca fete or two. I started just the other day and had a wonderful time. It has for me however highlighted the importance of doing to fetes with the right kind of people.

I *love* parties. Few would suspect this. But give me a party where the music is so loud that dancing is the only way to interact with the people around me and I’m the happiest I can be… That said, it have many people who I don’t like to party with. The expression, yuh doan bring sand to de beach comes to mind. That hasn’t been a big issue for me in the past but there are definitely benefits to going unattached.* But what I can’t handle are the lackluster party people. So speaking specifically to my soca heads, I want to party with you only if you meet what I now deem the criteria of a soca sistah soljah** . Are you a soca sistah soljah? If so you should be…

  1. practising your wine in the mirror at least weekly***
  2. able to handle wining at least at a 45 degree angle, with aspirations of 6:30… no matter how unrealistic***
  3. willing to wine on random men
  4. willing and able to stop random men from wining on you
  5. willing and able to stop random men from wining on your friend who has having difficulty with [4]
  6. willing and able to get close to the stage/ front of the crowd if your or your friend so desires
  7. greeting at least one person in the party with a wine
  8. holding your head and wining at least three times in the party
  9. at the party significantly past last call with no visible decrease in vibe or stamina

*that said, the heterosexist world in which we lives definitely affords privilge to having a fella in your crew- musings to follow

**no reference to Sister Soljah of whom I’m not a fan

*** source- pieces2peace, the original soca sistah soljah!

**** so I was going to put a picture of myself up but I said that might incriminate too many people. But I will go on the record that saying unlike these womyn in the picture it’s *very* race you’ll see any man wining on me and touching me so much. I don’t mind a wine but why’s your hand on my thigh, waist, shoulder, black… yeah. 🙂

Music Wednesday

To continue the trend of sexy music I will share with you some Caribbean songs that get the waistline moving. All old favorites, mostly slow dance songs dripping with memories of deep dark corners at house parties and village clubs. Hope you enjoy!

1. Beres Hammod.- No Disturb sign.

Quintessential sexy song, a must play at all Valnetines Day Dances and on all Love Monday request lines


2. Burning Flames – Workey

As soon as the opening notes to this song are played Antiguans worldwide start to wine. It may be our 2nd national anthem 🙂


3. Crossfyah- Wet Me

I’m in a party mood, man I behaving rude!


4. Healing- Lady Saw and Beenie Man

High school garage parties say what! Daddy used to be at the gate for me at midnight on the dot, along with lots of other parents back in the day. Ahh the 90’s 🙂


5. Degree- Hold you Tonight

Antiguan men aren’t big winers – gangstas don’t dance- so this was mostly us girls screwface winin’ up ourselves.


6. Tanya Stephens – Big Ninja Bike

This list would not be complete without Tanya. Big Ninja Bike me say

(s)ex & other things you shouldn’t be doing….

i have been unforgivably MIA. my apologies fyah stirring family, but school has been kicking my ass so hard i haven’t even had time to remember i’ve been forgetting to post.

i am not going to explain the title of this post, why i thought it was appropriate, or my feelings on any of the songs in here. you’re just going to listen, think about some bad choices you’ve made in the past and will make at some point in the future, and evaluate your life – not mine :).

1. Usher – That’s What It’s Made For

2. Miguel – Quickie

3. Mos Def & The Isley Brothers – Beauty in the Dark (Groove Wit You)

4. Mos Def – The Panties

Happy mid week point!

makes the ppl cum together… :)

I swear, I didn’t mean for it to happen this way. Another late day. So here’s some music for your Thursday.

So Sunday I did a little cooking and for some reason I was feeling like listening to  some sexin’ tunes or as I like to call them ls- leg spreading music. I actually have a folder saved in “my music” as ls. So let’s take a peak. Try not to laugh at the selection, we all have our own motivations. A time, a place, a person, a moment…

This song makes me want to slow wine, maybe swing from a pole… something I may or may not have done before. 🙂

When people singing ls tunes are significantly younger than you, you’re getting old. I’m not feeling Miguel in any particular way, but quickies sure do serve a purpose.*

I don’t know anyone else who likes this song. I think it’s hilarious. Everyone tells me it’s not a love song. He’s only singing about his prowess. My response? Why the f$#% not? 🙂

N.B. I endorse none of these videos. I doubt I’ve watched all the way through any of them. I only chose videos in the event you also needed some visual stimulation.

What are some of your favourite ls tunes?

*you swear say my ls life real active





makes the ppl come together- random playist

I have not listened to music in a long time. I made a major shift recently and in that shift I’m trying to limit background noise. So here’s a random selection from an oh-so-old playlist on shuffle.

I’ve never been a big Beyonce fan, most times I actively dislike her. pieces2peace long ago tried to put me onto Solange, who I think if I paid more attention to would really be a big fan. T.O.N.Y.

Kill me dead this was Machel the first 100+ times I heard it. But you should know by now I do not actively endorse Machel… so I’m happy to bring you Shal; and whereas I might not be trouble when I start to bubble, I love to think that one day I might be. 🙂

It still breaks my heart just a little bit that this group is no longer together. I had their cd* on repeat for weeks. Oh Washikong…

To end it off and also show my age, I bought this cd as well and was on an Estelle fix. I even liked the song she had with  she had with Sean John.

Rock into the night fyah stirrers. 🙂

* I was on the bus and heard two high school students talking about how someone asked another for a cd. His response, “who uses that ancient technology”. #youknowyouareoldwhen

makes the ppl come together- Sk memory lane style!

I went to the beach on Sunday and all the bars I passed were playing Kittitian music. This may not seem shocking to you seeing that I’m in St. Kitts but I’ve found in other islands there’s usually a heavy dose of non-local music typically in the form of dancehall outside of carnival time. Then again, maybe the Kittitian bars were inspired by carnival in Nevis… Either way, keep it up and here are some SkN tunes that just have my heart.

When this video came out I was sooooo excited to have a Kittitian video to look and see if I knew anyone.

I feel I only like this song b/c it allows me to say “jess back” 🙂

I tried to find a non-slack Small Axe song, my favourite from them was Dance the Masquerade, I’ve always wanted to be one… Anyway here they are not talking about soaps dropping or pushing back on water pipes.

And I know allyuh tired see this song on this site but it sweet too bad. As someone who waist and bottom not electric I try not to stand up in parties like security and like myself as much as possible!

If riddim box sweet again!

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