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not controversial and oh-so mainstream: sports

Ever so often I get a glimpse of the person I could be. Sometimes it’s inspiring many times however it’s frightening.

One such moment in time: this morning, getting an email from my father informing me that the men’s 100 metre IAAF World Championships were on. Very few people who know me know this about me. I *love* to watch men’s 100m races for the Olympics and World Championship games. That’s two races every four years and believe me that’s more than enough.

This race that now lasts less than 11 second makes me:

  • jump up and down
  • scream
  • plead
  • get on my knees
  • beg
  • make phone calls and send emails
  • look for and post pictures and videos
Today Kim Collins of St. Kitts placed third. He is 35. How he manages to continue to qualify I have no idea. As stated by a fb friend, Kim Collins probably has children near the age (22) of the winner of the race. I must say it’s quite inspiring though, I’m sure I would have hung up my running shoes a long time ago.
In more shocking news Usain Bolt false started and was disqualified. Though I’m an Asafa fan I certainly respect the talent Bolt has and false starts always hurt my heart. All the other runners who now have to re-psych themselves and wonder what could have been were there no false start. On a less related note Bolt’s upper body is incredible, to steal a line from Crazy Stupid Love┬áhe looks photoshop-ed.
Reasons I shouldn’t watch sports:
  • it’s a breeding ground/microcosm of capitalism where only the biggest and the best are victorious which translates to the well-funded being glorified; and no matter what anyone says these things seep into our psyches rarely with the translation
  • taking up breeding from another angle: is there really any reason for people i.e. athletes to put themselves that sort of rigourous training? How is that training in anyway useful for their bodies? Something is wrong with this as entertainment value. And it in no way helps with our shortcomings re: healthy body image
  • it’s potential for addiction is far too great
  • I expend far too much emotion on it, that which truly does not matter. My energy, my thoughts, my emotion can be put to far better use
All of that said, check out the video and Olympics 2012 I’m waiting!

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