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Throwback… reasons not to drink

So late. I’ve had a rough week, still am not yet 100%.

In light of that I present a throwback.


reasons not to drink

Bear with me and theHIMYM references…The first time two characters who I liked individually kissed in HIMYM I thought, there’s another reason not to drink. What made the match so unappealing?
The basic answer: BARNEY! The number of STIs he must have acquired just by sheer numbers.  The only reason she could have possibly made that decision is because she was in a vulnerable position
1. her boyfriend just dumped her
2. she just realized that the man who dumped her is a loser
3. she was drunkNow I’m naturally vulnerable. Weak as can be. A big softy. Plushie. A push over when it comes to emotions, if you catch me in a weak spot I’m likely to make some foolish decisions another HIMYM reference-nothing good happens after 2am. Those files will however remain under lock and key. 🙂
If you don’t know me this may mean little to you, but if you do you might be thinking…. oh, so if I get her drunk she’ll pretty much do whatever I want. And you know you what, you’re probably pretty much right and that’s one of the many reasons I’m a teetotaler and try not to make decisions after 2am.:)

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