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Fyah Links- Internet cats are awesome!

I luv it!

I luv it!

I do not like real cats for reasons I will not share on the internet. Over the past few months however, I have grown to love internet cats in all their adorable glory. I have some friends who are actual cat ladies ( you know who you are) that keep my internet cat fancy alive and well. I am overjoyed to share with you some of my favourite internet cat pages and pix.

1. Emoticons as demonstrated by cats. After this montage of  adorableness I had to admit that this was immensely cute. Watch it and you will have no choice but to agree.

2. Cat Bounce. You gotta make it rain! internet cats

3. Forget Rihanna and them, Tardar Sauce is the hottest celebrity in my eyes. Check out her tumblr page.

4. This video kinda illustrates why I don’t like real cats. too much attitude 

Please, don’t judge me. Let go and enjoy the cuteness. 🙂

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