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Fyah Links Friday

If  I was a rich girl (shout out to Louchie Lou) I would buy lots of art. I have a few pieces up on my walls currently but I would love to support Caribbean, African, Indigenous photographers,  painters and sculptors and craft persons and fill my space with colour and light and creativity and all that good stuff.

Until then, I stalk it online 🙂

I wanna share some stuff that I have found, hope you enjoy it as well.

1.) This little girl and her afro makes me smile 🙂

2.)  This site has photography,  design, as well as quotes. I really enjoy browsing

3.) The District, a new offshoot from African Digital Art , displaying and discussing creative expression from continental Africa

By the way, I love these bracelets! Anyone know where I can get a few let me know! 

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