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Music Wednesday

Happy New Year!

I have been listening to music on shuffle am thoroughly enjoying the randomness and re-discovery. Allow me to share some gems that i have happened upon that made me laugh, shake my head or do the body wave.

1. Madonna– Take a Bow

I really really really love this song. I remember listening to it on repeat when I was in high school, amazed by the rawness and sincerity. I very likely was going through a puppy love situation at the time and juxtaposing my life into the grown-womaness of Madonna’s words in only the way a 14-yea-old could.

2. Home T, Cocoa Tea and Shabba Ranks – Pirates

My home was always full of music and I have fond memories of long car rides with my Dad in particular where he would be blasting all forms of music from the old Subaru stereo system as we would be traipsing across the island. My Dad would tackle many complex societal issues through these songs.

I remember asking him about Buju Banton‘s song  Love mi Browning. What’s a Browning? I asked. Daddy took the time to explain colorism  and the resulting discrimination to me in a way I could understand and even introduced me to Buju’s peddle back  Love Black Woman and invited me to think on motivations and reactions to both songs.

Back to Pirates. I was amazed that Shabba and them had to fight to be able to play their music in the UK where this song is set and my Dad was able to show me that there was similar discrimination right at home in the island where certain artists and genres were vilified. The UK offered up more racial and xenophobic (at that time it appeared that way) motivations and tensions and he told me about how Jamaicans and generally Caribbean people were treated when they migrated north in search of ‘ a better life’

3. En VougeMy Lovin (Never Gonna get it)

This is a great song but when I listen to it I am drawn to remember the video and the dance sequence featuring the lovely ladies of En Vouge. Their sweeping hand movements and deliberate hip thrusts, is EXACTLY how my Mom dances. I always tease her that she was the lost member of the group but she ignores me and slow body rocks her way through any and every form of music, and it always seems to work.

Hope u enjoy and cheers to randomness and memories and dancing and old tunes and youtube.

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