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makes the ppl come together- workout music (and we’re back to soca)

keep calm and love soca music

I like to start my workout like I’m now going out to get paint and mud all over my body on j’ouvert morning. Undoubtedly one the biggest songs for the year, that I still don’t know the words to.

When it’s time to increase the speed I like to remind myself of FANTASTIC FRIDAY. On actual fantastic Friday I was shoveling snow in Toronto wishing I was in the stadium. Boy am I glad those days are over.

Keeping the run in high gear. It hurts me to post this, but that “we not staying down, we getting off the ground” makes me pick up the pace every single time. I’m seeing this video for the first time… I may be in love. That little boy holding he head at 3:27! Ah love it!

A great cool down! pieces2peace reintroduced me this Kes song. I must say I wasn’t on the Kes train in the early days. Lines like, “tonight the red man feeling to party” will never get you in my good books but he does give a great live show and I’ve never heard him repeat those words. 

makes the ppl come together- summer soca season part 1

svgIt’s the summer soca season. I know some people abhor the use of the word summer in Caribbean. I could easily be one of those people if I didn’t grow up calling July-August summer. So bite it! #thatsglobalisationforyou

First stop. Vincy mas! I’ve never been, but I’m thinking I’ll make it for 2014 or maybe 2015.

I haven’t always been a fan of Skinny Fabulous but I *love* this song. Maybe it’s b/c he sounds like Bunji, maybe it’s b/c it’s one the first new soca songs I’ve heard in awhile. Either way, I’m building stamina to go non-stop.

I’m always happy to see women get their songs out during carnival. Listening to Denyse, Destra and Fay-Ann it’s not an easy road. Here is Fya Empress. New soca… ah ketch it in truth… 🙂

Some songs make fete-ing sound a family affair. Calling everybody that’s around, we fete-ing when the sun goes down… If I had lots of disposable income I really would have a feting problem.

makes the ppl come together- I’m a Baduizt

I officially declare myself a Baduizt. I wasn’t on board in the beginning. I blame immaturity.

The first turning point was an article from 2006/7-ish that I can no longer find where the interviewer spends a day Tobago for Jazz 17- The incredible Ms Baduwith Erykah Badu. It was so bizarre, I was left thinking either she is really left of centre or this was the world’s best performance of weirdness. The second turning point was seeing her perform live in Tobago.

The third, this quote from her conversation with the music snobs:

Interviewer: I love this, off the top, off the dome, let’s do this, Erykah who is yours? [your top 5 mcs]

Erykah Badu: I can’t do it off the dome, but I’ll try… yuh see I got babies by some of these people so I can’t do this.

The fourth, this quote from her interviewing Kendrick Lamar:

BADU: What do you, as a man, envy about what it means to be a woman?

LAMAR: There’s just a certain knowledge instilled in a woman. There are these things that women have that men just can’t grasp: the understanding of love;the understanding of being; having a certain type of care in your heart and knowing when to be compassionate; knowing how to be a confidante…

BADU: That’s a good perspective. Something I envy that men have is that ability to grow a goatee. I think that’d be really hot on me.

Join me in a little reminiscing:

makes the ppl come together- old school part 2

old school

I kid you not I heard these songs on the radio this week.

I knew they were old b/c I knew 70% of the words and it wasn’t soca.

Also, *loving* this song.

This other song not so much, a little too over my head.

Music Wednesday


1. Kelis

2. Alanis Morrisette

3.  Dixie Chicks

Music Wednesday – Elle Verner

elle 2I have posted music by Elle Verner in the past and I think my appreciation for her sound has increased. I would summarize her sound as a mixture of  jazz, R&B, soul, hip-hop a touch of pop. With her raspy voice and b-girl style I found great comfort in these songs in particular. Hope you enjoy as well.

1. Refill

2. Go! – This song is on the the Power puff girls theme song riddim. Fyah!!

3. Ghosts

4. Leaf

5. Only want to give it to you

Happy Hump Day!

makes the ppl come together on *fantastic Friday*

Trinidad Carnival, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad & TobagoNow I spent my *fantastic Friday* shoveling snow, staying under the covers and avoiding snow. Had I put more thought into the matter I should have shoveled listening to one my soca mixes, either this one, or this one… it was bound to make the experience more pleasurable. I’m sure the show was amazing, I don’t mind jump and wave soca 80% of the time during carnival season so I’m not put off by the plethora of songs that have little substance. Here are some of my favourites… and yes, there are no Machel tunes here even though I’m a big fan of two of his song this year. He gets more than enough coverage elsewhere so it’s not really bad mind. 🙂

I wasn’t into soca music, or Trini music enough to be a fan when this man was a staple at soca monarchs. People say he’s the greatest… I don’t often see it. What I do see is someone who definitely inspires people to “get on”, someone who struggles with addiction and breaks the age barrier every time he mashes up the place. So yes, de bouncin’ start!

Denise… age, size & sex barrier. You ever see someone work a bumsie so? In all seriousness, every time I see this woman live I feel a combination of shame and pride. Pride b/c oh me oh my, look at her work it. Shame, b/c oh me oh my, my body could never do that. Not even at its most fit. True royalty…

I’ve been mixed over the years re: Swappi. Sometimes I think he’s a joke, other times I think he’s a boss. A friend made me believe this year though, this power soca… I really don’t have time for chupidness!

who say Return Fete in 10 days?

makes the ppl come together- keep fit(ter)

workout musicSo it’s carnival season in Trinidad, and though I have no interest in playing mas I know for many people it’s gearing up time. I’ve kind of maybe decided that I will be play mas in Caribana so I’m with those who are also dreaming of firm(er) fit(ter) bodies for themselves, and others. Who in the world wants to exercise without music? My get fit play list.

Let me say Kollision Band sweeting me on a whole next level. Really, it’s taking all forms of will power not to make this my profile picture.

Again b/c I must have a child for djRawkus… here’s a power mix to get that cardio going.

Bajan soca to rephrase trendsettah can be quite instructive/ demanding and that’s what I like in a trainer, so b/c I can’t afford a trainer that’s what I like in my music… so some Lil Rick.

Anytime I’m in a party and I hear this song I start doing knee rises, good cardio.

Fyah Fridays – The SK Music Edition

I’m cheating since I finally found the music links for this carnival… welcome to the songs that (for the most part) had us skinning out on the road in SK.

1. Small Axe Band – DCH

I was anticipating the release of this song since I heard Small Axe perform the chant (just the chorus) when I was home this summer. When I first heard the song, I was seriously let down – I thought they could have done so much more. But hearing it 200 times, wukkin up on the road to it jouvert and my love of Ras Kelly’s riddim box won out and I do get excited when they ask me “Can you feel it, you feel it, tell me can you feel it?” and wasn’t too upset when it won Road March.

2. Grand Masters Band – Hollywood

I appreciate Grand Masters – they’re a band that’s actually made up of real musicians. That being said, these days Grand Masters does bore me. I like this song and it was nice to jam to on the road but I actually completely forgot about it until I went searching for the GM releases for this year.

3. Nu Vybes Band – Oxygen

I have no words for how disappointed I am in Nu Vybes this year. I am/was a big Sugar Head (Nu Vybes is known as the Sugar Band so Sugar Heads are diehard fans) and have been making excuses for them for the last few years but when J’ouvert is early Dec 26th and you release your songs on Dec 22nd, you’ve reached a new level of ridiculousness. I didn’t even want to post a song for them and I absolutely refuse to post that One Order song that cyan ketch me till now. I so vex I like “Oxygen”. Anyway, here.

4. Kollision Band – Big Shake

This was the song I had to be Road March. Although it “borrowed” significantly from a Haitian commercial, what music doesn’t use samples from Haitian commercials these days? This carnival I officially became a Kollision fan – the band seems to work hard, their live performances have been hype, their sound is clear on the road and they aren’t one of the big 3 bands (Nu Vybes, Grand Masters, Small Axe) and have the potential to break their monopoly. As you listen to this song you need to do the big shake dance. To not would be disrespectful.

5. Kollision Band – KB Mix

This mix performed live does mek me practice wukkin up on me head like de young girls dem. Riddim!!!!!!!!!!!


Any of the songs hitting your sweet spot? Did I miss any that you loved this carnival, fyah stirrers?

makes the ppl come together… soca edition

I love socaNow, you’re probably saying it’s typically soca edition when I post. I don’t care!

Who say Bunji, I was not in his camp b4… I put one foot in last carnival, but you see this song?… woi… I sooooo ready.

At the time of writing this they haven’t called Sk’s road march yet, and even though I’m not 100% on this song, the chant preceding was undeniably *gold*. Drop. Cover. Hold on. I swear riddim box is de sweetest thing EVER!!![skn]/dch/14059

I saw Kes live a few days ago. He’s a showman. He may not have plenty big songs but he knows how to alternate between his material and others to keep the vibe going. So to and older Kes followed by a Rudder, who came out to sing his verse on my favourite settle into my day song! 🙂

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