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Fyah Friday- Randoms

1. I totally had to draw for the kleenex while watching this one. Katy Perry sang a duet with super talented 11 year old Jodi DiPiazza. Jodi has autism and her excitement and joy touched me, I also loved that Katy sang along but surely let Jody shine.

2. We spoke about body image for our IWD post and we all acknowledge that we have insecurities about our physical appearance. This article made societal body pressure so much more sinister because they no longer only re-touch scars and fat, they take out expression lines and barely there under-arm folds in already super-skinny women. There is literally no way that a real woman can look like this, even with surgery in the case of the underarm folds. Sobering but sadly not even surprising. d

3. . This is an article about big penises. The writer shares her experiences and reflections on why big penises may not as great as they want us to believe. All that glistens and throbs  glitters isn’t gold people 🙂

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