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Back in the days

I watch a lot of television. Probably too much. As a consequence, I sometimes watch a whole lot of shit that, for fear of immediate judgement , I will not list at this point. My big shows right now aren’t too bad. I love love love Top Chef Texas, Love it or List it, Glee, Project Runway  and Chopped. See, not bad at all. I must list for good measure however any kind of  Law and Order.

Law and order leads directly into this post as it is a perfect example of shows that aren’t quite what they used to be. Still gripping and interesting to watch but not quite as awesome.  I wanted to big up some shows that are no longer in production but thanks to syndication and Centric  I get to enjoy on a fairly regular basis.

Living Single.

Word to Maxine Shaw! I loved this show. The original group of friends (yes I took it there) living and loving together, the sweet couple, the sexual tension, the gold digger, the aspiring entertainment mogol (Khadijah owned a magazine yall, that’s certainly fyah) all made for a great 30 mins of television. I loved the regular-ness of the characters, for the most part they were people I could definitely relate to and wanted to be when I grew up.

New York Undercover I think I got into this show after it was cancelled but I just couldn’t believe that these sexxi sexxi detectives were running the gritty streets of NYC solving crimes and stuff. Detective Williams was all I needed to make me watch but the story lines were quite thought provoking and dealt with issues that we all can relate to and not ripped from the headlines stories that other crime dramas are famous for.

The Wire

In my opinion THE.BEST.SHOW.EVER. Again, I got into The Wire after it ended and was hugely motivated by the man who redefined sexy Idris Elba but even after he was no longer on the show I was captivated and moved and inspired by the characters presented. The seasons featuring the lives of children are particularly touching to me and I have shed many tears and wished many wishes for them and their circumstances knowing that this is real life to many around us.

King of Queens

Doug and Carrie and Arthur make me smile. Thanks to Derevolushunwidin for introducing me to this one a few years back and it has been a great ride since.

Throwback… reasons not to drink

So late. I’ve had a rough week, still am not yet 100%.

In light of that I present a throwback.


reasons not to drink

Bear with me and theHIMYM references…The first time two characters who I liked individually kissed in HIMYM I thought, there’s another reason not to drink. What made the match so unappealing?
The basic answer: BARNEY! The number of STIs he must have acquired just by sheer numbers.  The only reason she could have possibly made that decision is because she was in a vulnerable position
1. her boyfriend just dumped her
2. she just realized that the man who dumped her is a loser
3. she was drunkNow I’m naturally vulnerable. Weak as can be. A big softy. Plushie. A push over when it comes to emotions, if you catch me in a weak spot I’m likely to make some foolish decisions another HIMYM reference-nothing good happens after 2am. Those files will however remain under lock and key. 🙂
If you don’t know me this may mean little to you, but if you do you might be thinking…. oh, so if I get her drunk she’ll pretty much do whatever I want. And you know you what, you’re probably pretty much right and that’s one of the many reasons I’m a teetotaler and try not to make decisions after 2am.:)

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